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Botanical Therapies

Calling all Cannabis Citizens and Entrepreneurs! Earn revenues and equity in our Grow a Name program. Stake your online claim in the global Hemp and Cannabis Business. Let us advantage and guide you with our turnkey solutions and technologies.

As a plant grows from sprout to maturity, we call to action the entrepreneur who can grow Botanical Therapies to its highest potential. More than words and pictures, Grow a Name focuses on Messaging and Equitable Economics. Branding, in this case, is Spotlighting the contribution and therefore value that Botanical Therapies commands on this subject matter.

If you feel a connection or an affinity to this Domain Name, we have prepared multiple options for you to start your journey with us:

1- Buy the domain: This is not the ideal situation as the upfront costs for you will be as high as our will to keep and grow this name ourselves. Contact us for more details.

2- Rent the domain: A rental or lease agreement, which could potentially include an option to purchase. The goal here is to create a win-win situation for all parties. Contact us for more details.

3- Equity Subscription to the domain:
This is a new approach where through your efforts to Grow a Name, you would build equity in the Domain as you achieve certain milestones. Starting from a simple $99/month subscription inclusive of a web site and the following tech:
> Web hosting and security (or we point the DNS to the hosting of your choice)
> WordPress blog technical management & upgrades (or you choose your own solution)
> Business functionality upgrades: E-commerce, or Marketplace or Directory (to be quoted)
This allows you to focus on growing the brand and the business operations of this Domain Name.
What do you get in return?
> You keep 90% of the profit generated by the business while under your management.
> We have many more incentives and options that are offered with this Subscription.
Our objective is to incubate your business ideas & assist wherever we can.
Interested? Start your first trial month of Growing and Owning this name today!

Need more details? Chat with us right now or Contact us for more details.

Not so sure about this particular Name? We have a number of other Cannabis & Hemp related Domain Names to introduce to you; surely we will find a match! Contact us for more details.